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Yiyi insisted the core spirit of winning market via profession. We dived into the research and development of innovated products with independent intellectual property rights, through the efforts of President Mr. Xindong Tang and the professional team. Achieving the development of more than 400 kinds of new interlining which possesses the characteristics of multi layer & multi sided (especially for Arabian thobe use) ,non-formaldehyde & low shrinkage, washable, dry-washable, enzyme washable, thermo-stable after garment wrinkle-free processing, anti-permeability etc. Several items are the world's first innovation and have acquired 4 patents on invention and 14 patents for utility models.

TOYOTAAIR-JET LOOM is an excellent combination of industrialized computers with high performance and new drive. Grey cloth from these looms is smooth, even and voluminous to minimize the flaws during the garment making. Customers benefit from the improved production ability and lowered energy cost.

Best machinery is a foundation for production and technology is a guarantee on the quality of product. The company imports the most advanced digital controlled thermo-stenter MONFORTS - 328 to achieve the consistency in whiteness, a softer hand touch and stiffness. Shrinkage is well controlled below American standard 1%, which sets a successful example on the man-machine joint effort in producing anti-shrinking adhesive interlining.

The company owns world class bleaching production line adopting digital control system, with advanced and efficient short flow and clean production engineering. Efficient and eco-friendly dyeing additives are used to remove the foreign substances such as the grease, pectin and thickeners from sizing process. It does minimum damage to the fabric fibers and after processing the colour and whiteness is better maintained and the handfeel is voluminous and soft.

The company owns double dot coating machines with rotary screen, powder dot coating, screen print coating, laminated coating and film coating. All are imported from Holland Stork Company and are proof for achieving evenness on coating and softness in hand touch. The use of adhesive coating powder imported from Germany and Switzerland improves a better adhesive strength, a better softness and in the meanwhile is a guarantee that the interlining will be washable, dry-washable, enzyme washable etc.

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