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In 1990S Nantong Xinye Interlining Co.,Ltd was founded by Mr Xindong Tang.
Nov.2002 A new company Nantong Yiyi Interlining Co.,Ltd was registered.
2004 We sucessfully merged Nantong Gongnong Weaving Factory.
Nov.2004After two years?? preparation, Nantong Yiyi Interlining Co.,Ltd came into birth and started the production.
2006 We registered Nantong Interlining(Hongkong) Co.,Ltd.
Dec.2006 The second phase building construction was started.
So far, the group is currently the only have a set of self-developed products, textile raw material processing, the high-end interlining manufacturing, global logistics Distribution in one, has a complete industrial chain of large-scale comprehensive modern manufacturing enterprises.`

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